Banking services

Banking services

Multiple bank accounts Electronic banking
Trading in stocks, bonds and others
Interest bearing accounts
Credit cards and debit cards
Letters of credit
Customer support
Savings account and time deposits
Forex Trading (FX)
International payments
Secured loans and mortgages.

main features

Confidential account Security and secure financing

The cardholders name does not appear on the card and is not listed on the magnetic strip or on the chip.
Link to the card to separate the money available on the card from the funds awaiting the card.
The card is secure with a chip and a PIN code. For maximum protection

Charging high amounts of money
Limit on high expenses
Simple bank transfer process
Immediate issuance and simple operation, no credit application, no obligation or collateral
24/7 monitoring through the cardholder’s area on a secure site

The card

You can use more than 30 million points of sale (POS) worldwide, more than 2 million ATMs around the world, and the Internet

Secure with chip and PIN code and can be redeemed in case of loss

Renewed after expiration date

Available in two currencies (EUR and USD)

Citizenship by investment

Our company is pleased to offer access to Georgian citizenship through investment plans for its customers in Georgia.

We make sure to listen to you and understand your vision for yourself and your family, knowing
And understanding that each person has unique needs, desires, and desires. Getting a citizenship by investing here is very much sought after by many customers