Our company has extensive experience and extensive contacts that operate professionally with personal attention in the financial field in Georgia. The company provides personal service and close accompaniment to yield-bearing financial investments for every budget, in the Georgian banking system, for businesses and individuals.
The company accompanies and assists the establishment of foreign companies in Georgia, including the opening of bank accounts and advanced credit and financial solutions for each and every scenario.
The company is linked to the top echelons of bureaucracy and to the financial and business system in Georgia and operates in accordance with local laws and local regulations.
Our company provides and accompanies investments in real estate that enables customers to examine properties for investment in return for yield and profit generation.

The company's services are carried out by senior and experienced professionals in the international financial system, who are well acquainted with all the proposed solutions and the unique considerations for investments and accompanying companies in Georgia.
The company's management is located in Israel - at the Toyota Tower in Tel Aviv (Yigal Alon 65) and invites its private and business customers to come and be impressed by the company's qualities and capabilities


Mainly because it is a country that is developing at a high speed relative to other developing countries, the interest on loans / investments and deposits is significantly higher.
This is a significant advantage for the medium term and thinks to take advantage of it as soon as Georgia reduces the gaps between it and other developing countries. Interest differentials from these countries will shrink accordingly.
The Bank issues upgraded and confidential credit cards to international customers of the Visa Infinity type, which enables financial activity worldwide.
The advantages of the Infinity card are evident in areas such as passenger clubs, travel insurance and fraud insurance.
In addition, the Bank offers a worldwide cash withdrawal service free of charge, and updating interest on the bank account on a daily basis for its Israeli customers. The Bank issues Visa cards to NIS accounts.

Financial investments with high returns

The problem

The low interest rate environment in recent decades.

The interest rate is expected to remain low and even fall below the trend in the long run and after it returns to its last peak.

High costs and lack of tools for due diligence.
Blocked investment in a low budget

The Need

Removing the main entry barrier for investment - small scale investments.

Investments bearing competitive yield and profits at attractive interest rates.

Access to yield-bearing financial investments and projects.

Guarantees and collateral for investment.

Diversification and diversification of investments.

Transparency and convenience of investment management.

An attractive alternative to credit solutions and the traditional lending and financing market.

Values ​​and benefits to the investor

Exposure to attractive investments for investors and quality transactions that were not yet available from a managerial point of view, and from the standpoint of financial capabilities and feasibility to conduct due diligence.

  1. Removal of the main entry barrier to investment bearing yield - investment in a low budget.
  2. Hedging (diversification and diversification) Risks - Significant reduction of economic risk for the investor.
  3. Hedge inflation.
  4. Conducting and tracking investments in greater comfort and transparency.
  5. Creating collateral and quality guarantees for investors.
  6. A contractual obligation to meet the scheduled schedule and expenses - is a critical derivative of the profitability of the investment.
  7. Yields adjusted to competitive risks.
  8. Attractive and stable return on income.

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